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Quality & Environment

Quality, We Promise
We source and supply high quality furniture at affordable prices, however in doing so we are incredibly conscious of our planet. The business directors are parents themselves and we want to ensure the world our children live in is cared for. Environmental damage is inevitable, with over 8 billion people living and creating waste and pollution on Earth, it’s unavoidable but we are right behind Governments making efforts to reduce the environmental harm we cause. 
So to do our bit, we can ensure that the suppliers we work with care as much as we do. We don’t have the resources (yet) to visit every location in the world where our products are produced but we ensure our suppliers do and that they are happy with the methods used to create furniture and home ware items.
So, when you order with Fine & Superior you can rest assured that…
1. We strive to ensure that all wood is responsibly source, never, ever using wood from illegally felled or endangered trees. We can’t quite believe that anyone would but it’s a strange world we all live in!
2. Our suppliers transport items in large quantities (hence less frequent shipping) to reduce carbon emissions and create less wastage.
3. To help reduce the costs to you and our own carbon footprint we hold minimal stock so it’s only transported in the UK once – direct from the supplier to your door. Our couriers collect the items to order and dispatch direct to you. 
4. Our suppliers ensure that production staff enjoy a healthy working environment and safety standards are followed. As we continue to grow, we will be visiting production locations to see this with our own eyes. Being well travelled, we know that things are very different in countries where many beautiful furniture items are produced so it’s important to us that no exploitation takes place.
As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding our environmental policies we’d love to hear from you.