A table has two main purposes within a household – as a functional surface for task-based use and as a storage and display surface. Whether a table is to be put to use for eating or preparing meals, for holding everyday items such as a telephone or computer, or as a surface for visual accessories such as vases of flowers, one thing that is always necessary is that the table is sturdy enough to withstand its purpose. A table should also look good and complement the rest of the furniture in the room, as whatever the use people will view the table as well as its contents. Fine & Superior stock tables crafted from all the finest hard-wearing materials, including a wide range of woods, metals and commercial plastics, which can be used anywhere in the home to great effect. Side tables offer a portable solution for living rooms where every seating option is not in reach of the coffee table, while occasional tables work well for lamps, flower arrangements and other ornamental items.