The beauty of having a dresser in the dining room or kitchen is that it combines concealed storage with both open and closed display units. This allows for the exhibition of attractive dining items such as glassware or a patterned dinner service with a conveniently placed area for storing table linens, cutlery and other necessary equipment. Having everything in one easy to reach facility within the dining area makes laying the perfect table a far simpler task, and when items are not in use they are either put away out of sight or converted into an eye-catching display which adds to the décor of the room outside of meal times. Large dressers can dominate a space if not correctly placed and allied with a dining table and chairs which are in proportion. A tall, sturdy dresser works well with a larger dining table which seats eight or more, while smaller dressers can be used to great effect in the kitchen for storing cookbooks, crockery and more.

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Oceanic Retro Three Drawer High Dresser
The Oceanic Retro Three Drawer High Dresser has a distinctive style which due to the upcycled natur..
£616.00 £491.00
Braithwaite Country Buffet Table / Wine Rack
Braithwaite country cottage wine rack / buffet table side board, a wood finish with rustic top, two ..
£309.00 £242.00
Braithwaite Country Dresser
Braithwaite country cottage dresser, with three cupboards, three drawers above each cupboard and thr..
£841.00 £654.00
Braithwate Country Display Cabinet
Braithwaite country cottage kitchen dresser / display cabinet, with two large carved cupboards, two ..
£680.00 £530.00
Charroux Kitchen Dresser
Charroux kitchen dresser finished in beautiful Cream wood with rustic mid Brown tops, this beautiful..
£1,221.00 £931.00
Leathley Hall Dresser Base
Leathley hall way unit, a stunning wooden cupboard and drawer unit finished in distressed White with..
£459.00 £358.00
Mature Pine Three Drawer Dresser
The Mature Pine 3 Drawer Dresser expresses a unique character through the natural tones of the wood,..
£548.00 £444.00
Oriana French Painted Dresser Base
The Oriana French Painted Dresser Base works as a stand-alone unit for storage of clothing and acces..
£467.00 £409.00
Providence Two Tone Tall Open Dresser
The Providence Two Tone Bevelled Tall Open Dresser has been designed in the austere Shaker style and..
£807.00 £593.00
St Agnes Oak Tall Sideboard Dresser
The St Agnes Oak range is made of a high quality grade of oak and exhibits all the hallmarks of qual..
£433.00 £337.00