Lighting affects the overall atmosphere of every room in the house and can either enhance the décor or cast shadows in places that need to be on display. Correctly positioned lighting can make a small, gloomy room into a welcoming space which feels much larger than it originally seemed. Natural light is the best, which is why houses with large picture windows and south-facing windows are so popular. However, the clever use of electric lighting throughout the home can turn even the darkest areas bright and cheerful. The optimum lighting solution involves a variety of fixtures which have alterable light levels; so, a combination of wall or ceiling mounted lighting, free-standing lamps and desk lamps. Task lighting makes life in the kitchen and bathroom easier, while dimmer switches give the option to alter the light level in every room of the house according to the time of day or social occasion. Hanging ceiling lights such as chandeliers or pendants add a touch of glamour to larger rooms, while up-lighters on the walls save space and allow for greater control over light levels.