A typical bathroom suite, especially in a smaller bathroom, does not vary hugely in design. There are some variations in colour and the option of free-standing baths and basins or those which fit flush to the wall, but very few variations on materials and style. The way to impose a personal touch on a bathroom is through the choice of accessories. Co-ordinated soap dishes, toothbrush holders, bath towels, bath mats, shower curtains and other pieces all add an individual sense of style to the bathroom as well as colour, pattern and texture. Many people today opt for a themed bathroom, with the beach or the ocean being one of the most popular choices. Others prefer simply to co-ordinate the colour scheme, or incorporate mirrors and other reflective items to give the illusion of space. Fine & Superior bathroom accessories are high quality, durable and visually appealing, allowing you to create the look you want that will last.

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Le Bain White Enamel Basin On Metal Stand
The Le Bain White Enamel Basin On Metal Stand makes the perfect bathroom or guest bedroom accessory ..
£65.00 £51.00
Launceston Oak Double Bathroom Cabinet
Our Launceston Oak furniture collection offers sleek, contemporary styling, superb manufacturing qua..
£134.00 £105.00
Launceston Oak Single Bathroom Cabinet
The Launceston Oak Single Bathroom Cabinet has been crafted from quality oak and finished with an ea..
£86.00 £67.00